Collage Basketball

Hi today i am going to talk about collage basketball. Again I cheer for the Tar Heels. Isn’t it a shocker that I cheer for the tars heels in basketball to. I hope you now when i am being sarcastic and when I am not. Enough about that lets get into it. Right now Baylor […]

Collage football

Hi I know that i have already talked about football but that was the NFL and now I am going to talk about collage football. They are 2 way different leagues. Now lets get into it. There are a lot of different teams. My favorite team is the Tar Heels, then Alabama. Alabama is the […]

Why golf is so awesome

Hello, you have probably noticed that i usually post about sports. That is because there really isn’t anything to not like about sports. Except that it is easy to get hurt. Let’s stop talking about me and more about golf. Golf is a great sport to play. People think golf isn’t really a sport. It […]

Second blog post

Hi, I am going to teach you why football is so great. So a lot of people don’t like football because it is to rough. And it is pretty rough. But it is fun to. You get to experience playing with a team, and winning. And you get to get touchdowns for your team and […]


Hello, today we are going to learn how to do some sports. First soccer, a lot of people think that soccer is just kicking the ball kind of like kick ball. But it isn’t just kicking the ball it is skill and teamwork. The first thing you need to know is how to juggle. You […]